Sanibel Beach Conditions and Water Quality

Sanibel Beach Conditions

Sanibel Island is surrounded by water, so the Sanibel beach conditions are important to any island vacation. Our team at Select Vacation Properties understands your concerns about water quality and we take the comfort and safety of our guests very seriously. We all live and work here, and  these waters are a huge part of daily life for our families and children as well.  When it comes to beach conditions, we recommend a few great resources so you can stay as informed as possible.  One excellent resource is the City of Sanibel, which provides updated beach condition reports and advisories.  Another great resource is H2O Matters.  There you will find comprehensive reports, as well as links to 360 degree aerial views of the Island, so you can see the conditions for yourself.

While we live and work in the area, we are definitely not experts or Marine Biologists, and doing your own research and making your own decisions is always the best approach.  With that being said, everyone is different, everyone has different sensitivities, and water quality can change rapidly and unexpectedly. We recommend you monitor the situation with these resources or others that you trust and make your own informed decisions.  Feel free to  reach out to us anytime, and we are always will be happy to keep you posted on what we are hearing and observing.

Tips for getting the most from your stay

Sanibel is located at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, so the water quality around the beaches can change rapidly from rains and other factors. While the beaches and shelling are definitely a big part of Island Life, the area has much more to offer.  Learn  about the other local attractions like the Edison/Ford Estates and Ding Darling Wildlife Sanctuary. These are amazing adventures for days when you want other options besides the beach.

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