Healthy Beach Vacations with Kids

Choosing a healthy beachfront vacation when traveling with kids

Today countless scientific studies emphasize the importance of a healthy beachfront vacation, especially for children. The health benefits of the sea for children are so many: pediatricians often recommend bringing children to the beach. But why? Have you ever wondered? The reasons are varied, in fact the sea air, rich in iodized salts, is a real panacea for overall health in general. Not to mention the benefits of the sun, which if taken with due precaution is to strengthen the bones, and to fill you with energy. After reading here, do not run away unless you book a nice family vacation with your children!

Why is the beach so good? Here are some of the health benefits of the sea for children:

The sun:
It is proven that the sun is good for the bones and the skin, in fact its exposure helps to fix the calcium and counteracts rickets.
The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D (sun vitamin) which is essential for proper bone development (especially in children) and is very important for preventing some very serious diseases. This vitamin is so fundamental that, to stock it, it is given as drops for the first year of life.  The benefits of the sun do not stop here, because they also extend to the skin, helping a lot in case of atopic dermatitis (which affect children) and eczema as long as it is adequately protected with the appropriate sunscreens. Obviously it is always important not to expose children to the sun during the central hours of the day. Keep in mind there are many ways to get the most out of your beach vacation.

The water:
The second natural element that is found in places of the sea is definitely salt water, which is a real cure for psoriasis and eczema. Children suffering from these inflammatory forms of the skin, find benefits thanks to salt water, which also contains very important mineral salts such as sodium chloride (salt), magnesium and iodine salts.

The air:
Sun, water and finally air. The sea air is good for everyone, but it is even better for children because it is rich in iodine, magnesium, potassium and other precious minerals. Breathing it is equivalent to making a natural aerosol, which purifies the respiratory tract of newborns, acting in advance against the typical winter maladies. The air of the sea also stimulates the immune system, which will better address the aggression of bacteria. In addition, the greater heaviness of the sea air promotes breathing, ensuring better oxygenation of the blood.
Taking a holiday is therefore a must to have healthier, relaxed and happy children! And already, because in addition to the natural benefits of the sea there are others, which without our knowledge always belong to the marine sphere.

The sea is able to adjust the sleep-wake rhythm. For all those mothers who would like to better sleep their children, it is very likely that thanks to the time spent outdoors with the sun, it increases the production of melatonin (hormone that indexes to nighttime rest) and then, the sound of the sea reconciles a good sleep: the sound of breaking waves creates a family memory that reminds them of their mother’s womb!

Happier children! Numerous studies have shown that the sea increases the production of endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of euphoria and good humor. Thanks to the climate, the sea with its blue color and its waves and the relaxing landscape! in short, a mix of elements that improves mood and gives serenity.

More sensitive and nature lovers:
The children in contact with crabs, small fishes, snails and they definitely fall in love with nature. All these creatures can be better known on the beach! Being in contact with nature from an early age, it helps children to stimulate their imagination and sensitivity. And pet friendly beach vacations are even better, because you can bring your family dog on vacation!

If you want to create the perfect vacation with your kids has the best solution with incredible beachfront properties for a family trip you won’t forget!

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