Relaxation, freedom and finding yourself.

We recently consulted with an expert on lifestyles, relaxation, meditation and culture to ask what is it about the beach and the sea which has such a positive effect on the body and mind? This expert in Yoga and meditation holds an MBA in cultural studies and currently resides in Italy where she helps people find inner peace and develop healthy lifestyles. She had some very enlightening views on the sea and shore, and this is some of what she told us.

The sea has always had special powers to enhance our physical and emotional well-being, and a seaside vacation can contribute to the reduction of stress and anxiety. Beach holidays have been proven to improve your mood and health. Consider for example that blue is a color that induces tranquility, encourages introspection and inner stillness. For this reason and many others, the sea has always been a source of great reflection and inspiration which helps to restore our perspective. With so much chaos and confusion in our busy lives, treating yourself to a vacation at the beach can be like a “reset” button for the soul.

With a beachfront property you will also have something else boosting your health and mindset: The scent of the marine sea. The smell of the sea is a mix of water and air that many believe has highly regenerative properties. The high content of iodine, minerals and magnesium also provides an anti-aging effect and could make an important contribution to accelerate our metabolism and help us in the slimming phase.

Renting a home or condominium through Select Vacation Properties also has many other advantages over a traditional hotel room. Holiday rental homes and condos offer excellent value for money and are one of the most economical solutions for vacations. With this type of rental, you can save a lot of money which can be used for more important things and experiences while staying on Sanibel Island.

This type of holiday rental can also be the perfect solution for those who love traveling with their pets. It has been proven that pets can reduce our anxiety and stress and bringing them with you on holiday can have even more pronounced positive effects. Select Vacation Properties offers many units that accept dogs, and this can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

Privacy, autonomy and the freedom to create your own vacation story can be just the restorative elixir you need to recharge the body and mind. If you think you are ready to find some inner peace and your place in the sun, then call us today!




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