Beach House Rentals

Beach house rentals have become one of the most popular ways to vacation in recent years.  In contrast to a hotel or motel, you have the freedom to come and go as you please. You can have guests over without dirty looks from the front desk, and your pool never closes at dark! For those adventurous travelers looking to create their own unique experience, a beach house rental or beach condo rental is often the best choice. Sanibel Island is one of the best places in Florida to rent a beach house or beach condo. Sanibel has miles of white sand beaches and is world famous for shelling. Imagine walking out your back door right onto a secluded private beach or watching romantic sunsets from your lanai. One important thing to know when searching for a beach house to rent is that Sanibel has a law requiring a 28-night minimum stay on most single family vacation rentals. If you plan on having an island vacation lasting less than 28 nights, then maybe a vacation condominium rental is for you. Vacation condo rentals on Sanibel require just a 7 night stay, so there is much more flexibility with a condo. But if you are not sure what is right for you, here are our top five tips for picking the perfect beach accommodation!

1. You know the old saying; location, location, location! Well nothing is more important than location when renting a beach house or condo. Don’t be fooled by names like “Oceanside Estates” or “Beachview Gardens”. Make sure you look on a map or an aerial photo to verify the property is really on the beach!

2. Not all beaches are created equal! Make sure you research the part of the beach your vacation rental is on. Some beaches are great for shelling, while other have no shells, but lots of soft sand perfect for volleyball. If you are brining a pet, is the beach dog friendly? If you are a morning person, or a night owl, does your beach face the sunrise or the sunset? Is the water gentle for floating and sunbathing, or more suited for surfing?

3. Make sure your vacation rental has all of the amenities you need! If you love to cook, make sure the kitchen is up to the task, and that the property has all of the right pots, pans and cooking utensils. And nothing is worse than checking in to your honeymoon beach retreat and finding out the master bedroom has two twin beds!

4. Don’t get less (or more) house than you need. Often, people think they can make do for a week with uncle Gary sleeping on the pullout couch, and Gramma camped out on an Aero-bed on the lanai. You might save a few dollars this way, but the frustration, aching backs, mess and cramped personal space will not help you de-stress during your vacation!  Just as often, people get starry-eyed over a huge mansion, and wind up over-paying for rooms they can never use. Figure out exactly what you need, and stick to the plan!

5. Work with a professional. Our team at Select Vacation Properties has all of the answers, and we can help you navigate all of the choices to find you the perfect fit. With over 75 years of real estate experience in the area, we know all of the secrets. Call us now to book your place in paradise!

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