Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Lighthouses in modern times sit majestically, standing the test of time through hundreds of years. Many people are fascinated by these interesting places, and some even do lighthouse tours. These include seeing several lighthouses in a row on one or more trips. Still, others just want to visit one to see if some sort of magic is there or if these places truly are historical goldmines. The Sanibel Island Lighthouse is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and even boasts its own park.


History of Sanibel Island Lighthouse

The Sanibel Island Lighthouse began construction in February, 1884 and was first lit in August of the same year. The lighthouse had several keepers before becoming completely automated in 1949. In 1972, the Coast Guard tried to shut the lighthouse down but so many people opposed the idea that it never came to fruition. After being owned by the Coast Guard for its entirety, the city of Sanibel was given the lighthouse in 2004. In 2013, the city had finally raised enough money to restore the old lighthouse to its former glory.

In a different time, lighthouses were crucial parts of American life on the eastern seaboard. They helped boats to navigate around land successfully and prevented ships from running aground. Today, lighthouses are beautiful destinations for tourists, seeking the quiet mystery surrounding our nation’s historical landmarks. They are amazing backdrops for pictures and provide an insight to a time long ago; a time that was much simpler in nature. The lighthouses have major history to offer one looking to understand how life was a hundred or more years ago.


City of Sanibel

After the lighthouse was given to the city, Sanibel restored it in 2013 to the tune of almost $270,000. It is a beautiful national landmark that is astonishing to look at. Now restored to its true beauty, the lighthouse is a destination for many. Although the lighthouse itself is not accessible to the public, the area around it is! This gorgeous touch of history is 98 feet tall and sits on a 670-acre wildlife preserve and even has a beach and walking access around the lighthouse. The lighthouse is still active to this day. You can picnic on the beach and enjoy the view or even pose for pictures with the historic landmark in the background.


Visit This Gorgeous Landmark

Sanibel Island has many gorgeous, white sandy beaches to enjoy. These beaches are often less populated than others around the county, and part of the island is set aside for conservation. The combination of these amazing settings with a historical landmark makes history and learning both fun and relaxing at Sanibel Island. Other key places to visit on the island include the Sanibel Sea School and the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. Come and enjoy relaxing on Sanibel Island beaches and learn more about historical lighthouses and feel the magic of the past for yourself!  Contact us today to book your Sanibel Island adventure!

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