Wine and Painting on Sanibel!

Vino’s Picasso is now available on Sanibel!



Looking for a fun activity to do during your stay on Sanibel Island?   One of our favorites is a Vino’s Picasso paint bar and art gallery!  Located just over the causeway on the mainland in Fort Myers, Vinos’ Picasso is a great activity for people of all ages and groups of all sizes.  And if you aren’t ready to leave the Island, don’t worry, they will bring the party to you!  Rated #1 on TripAdvisor and Yelp for it’s category, Vino’s Picasso is the area’s first (and everyone’s favorite) paint bar and art gallery! They host fun, exciting, high energy painting sessions for those that “Can’t even draw a stick figure” or for those that can.  In fact, ninety percent of the clientele have never painted before, so it’s a great way to try something new . They are licensed and insured as a Bring Your Own Beer and Wine paint studio, but if you aren’t a drinker, or want to host a group with kids, water, Kool-aid and soft drinks are great also – they know how to have fun no matter what you are drinking!






Vino’s Picasso is locally owned, and has been hosting parties and making great memories since 2011.   They offer several different types of loosely instructional painting events and provide a laid back, engaging painting experience that fosters growth, creativity and togetherness.  They bring the party to you, or the Fort Myers and Naples studios are always available for use as well. And EVERYTHING is supplied (great music, paint, canvases, brushes, table covers, etc) with the exception of you and a space to paint. With professional local artists to guide the way, there’s never any mistakes, just happy accidents, and NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! Imagine your fiends and family enjoying this great activity with the beaches and sunsets of Sanibel as your backdrop and inspiration.





Their flexible sessions can be done with canvas, wine glasses, wood pallet, ornaments, and many other surfaces using our copyrighted Vino’s Picasso artworks, as well as a few works from resident artist Leoma Lovegrove.  A full selection of paintings to choose from are available on their website or contact them by phone. They can also provide specialty paintings to tailor the experience to your needs, so imagine going home with a Sanibel themed work of art created by you or someone you love!  Groups of more than 15 people ($36 and up sessions) receive 10% off, 25 people and over for non-specialty sessions are discounted to $30 per seat.   For a full menu of options and rates and availability, visit the website at  If you are ready to book a vacation on Sanibel, or if you want us to help you arrange a painting party, contact us at Select Vacation Properties anytime – Vacation is our middle name!

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