Say ‘I Do’ on Sanibel: Sanibel Island Weddings

There are few times in your life more exciting than planning your dream wedding. Your wedding is a chance for you and your partner to welcome in a new chapter of your lives together – and there are few more beautiful locations to do that than Sanibel Island. You may even like to stay on after the wedding and enjoy a blissful honeymoon in this slice of paradise.

Of course, every wedding should be unique to you as a couple – and Sanibel presents many different options. From intimate ceremonies to elaborate extravaganzas for your extended friends and family, there are many options on the island – and each and every wedding on Sanibel is special.

Sanibel Island Wedding Venues
One of the most important decisions for your big day is what venue will serve as the backdrop for your special vows – and perhaps the party afterwards! Although Sanibel Island is relatively humble in size, it offers a number of beautiful venues that will add that extra magic to your special day.

The Beach
Do you dream of saying ‘I do’ with your feet in the sand and the sea breeze in your hair? If so, Sanibel Island is the dream wedding location. With a number of pristine beaches complete with white sand and turquoise waters, Sanibel Island is the ideal place for a beautiful beach wedding. Usher in the new chapter of your lives to the sound of the ocean waves, and against an impossibly beautiful backdrop.

A number of beach resorts offer wedding packages. These start from simple ceremonies with just you, your love and perhaps a few special guests – up to inclusive ceremony/reception options fit for an extravagant soiree. So, whatever your dream beach wedding looks like – you can make it a reality on Sanibel Island.

Golf/Country Clubs
Sanibel Island is famed for its beautiful environment. As well as stunning beaches, Sanibel Island also offers pristine in-land environments that are ideal backdrops for your special vows. You’ll be able to say ‘I do’, nestled amongst the soft rolling hills or perhaps overlooking a sparkling lake at sunset.

There are a few in-land locations, however golf and country clubs are ideal venues – especially for those planning larger ceremonies and receptions. The wide open space gives you the opportunity to create your dream venue – perhaps inside a large and festive marquee tent, or maybe watching one of those magical Florida sunsets paint the sky.

Garden Weddings
For couples desiring low-key or more laid back gatherings, enjoying the ceremony and/or reception in a private garden is an ideal choice. This allows you the flexibility to decorate the space exactly as you want it, and it can also foster a warm and intimate setting.

In Florida, you may be married anywhere as long as you have a marriage licence and the ceremony is performed by a registered celebrant. This means that an intimate backyard wedding is a definite possibility – perhaps in one of our beautiful vacation rentals.

Tips for a Sanibel Wedding
●     It’s a good idea to check the legal requirements for a Florida wedding at least a few weeks before your big day. In general, there is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents, but it is waived for interstate visitors or local residents who have completed a premarital course. You certainly don’t want any paperwork issues spoiling your amazing day!

●     If you are planning a Sanibel wedding, then you may like to arrange accommodation for your guests. A vacation rental close to the ceremony can be ideal, offering comfort and convenience.

●     Of course, the happy couple will also need somewhere to stay after their nuptials! We have vacation rentals to suit all styles, from cozy and romantic homes to luxe apartments. However you want to usher in this new phase in your lives, we can help make it happen!

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