De-Stress and Relax on Vacation

Vacations are a time to switch off, relax and recharge those over-worked, stressed out batteries. We expect to return to work feeling refreshed, rested and feeling more positive and productive. Unfortunately, vacations can sometimes come with their own unique stresses and anxieties.

Whether you’ve forgotten to pack something important or it starts raining as soon as you’re ready to head to the beach, these little hiccups can totally ruin your once-a-year vacation. If you let it.

In this article, I’m going to share some simple tips to help you deal with vacation stress effectively so you can let go of negativity and anxiety and start enjoying your holiday to its fullest.

Sometimes the stress and anxiety we feel when we’re on vacation is of our own doing. We build these high, often unachievable expectations in our minds when we’re planning and dreaming about our vacation. So when something unexpected ruins the image you have in mind of your perfect vacation such as a last-minute cancellation or the food not being exactly how you imagined it, this can trigger frustration and negativity which leads to stress and anxiety.

It all starts with our own thoughts and attitude towards these situations. Instead, let go of expectations and the need to control everything. Embrace unexpected situations and believe that every problem comes with a solution. Once you accept and apply this way of thinking, nothing can bother you or trigger any unnecessary stress.


This is one for those crazy holiday planners out there!

We often see people on vacations running around like headless chickens as they try to tick off as much stuff as possible within a short period of time. Towards the end, they end up returning home feeling exhausted and needing a holiday after their vacation. Your lives and work schedules are hectic and busy enough, you don’t need to match your vacation itinerary with the same amount of chaos.

Vacations are a time for relaxation. Ease up on the planning and allow for flexibility so you can chill at the beach on a sunny day or take it easy on your porch as you watch the sun go down. This will also help your mind relax as you’re not thinking about making it in time for your guided tour after getting caught up in the markets.



When planning your vacation, it’s essential you do your research in the location and accommodation you plan on choosing. Figure out what you want from your vacation. If it’s beaches and relaxation, a hotel in the middle of the city will make no sense. Instead, choose a vacation rental close to the beach.

It’s important to read through reviews and get a feel of the vacation rental you planning on staying in to avoid any nasty surprises. If you plan on bringing your dog on vacation and then you find out that your vacation rental isn’t pet-friendly, that’s going to cause you major amounts of stress as you frantically try and find an appropriate, last minute hotel.

Take your time when choosing your vacation rental in Florida and make sure it meets your needs. Browse through our many vacation rental properties to find your perfect holiday home. From properties right on the beachfront to homes with a boat dock, we have something for everyone. No nasty surprises and ultimate stress-free booking!

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