5 fun crafts to bring Sanibel to you

5 Great Beach Crafts to do While Stuck at Home

It is not every day that you can go to the beach on Sanibel, especially now.  But, when stuck at home, you can certainly bring the beach to you! These five fantastic and fun beach crafts will transform your home space into a sea themed craft center. The best part of the crafts presented is their ability to involve every member of the family. It’s all hands on deck and a family fun day when you choose from the list of beach crafts to do while stuck at home!


1.    A Stunning Shell Frame Beach Craft

Photo and craft from the One Little Project.

Take those family photos from the beach and make them shine in a fun and handmade family frame. All you need for this project is an old frame, some hot glue or super glue, and shells. Glitter and paint can be added to the shells for that extra sparkle. This craft is easily a team effort to complete.  An adult or older sibling can do the gluing while the younger family members add their own creative elements with the finishing colors and sparkle. After completing the family masterpiece, display that favorite family beach photo and make it that much more special.


2.   Sea Molds and Search

Photo and beach craft from bfranklincrafts

No shells at home? No problem! Make your own nautical themed shapes with everyday items in your kitchen. Simply take some aluminum foil to create cookie cutter starfish shapes, sand dollars, or shell molds. Then whip up the shell solution of  1/2 cup cornstarch,  1 cup baking soda, and 3/4 cup water. Bake the molds at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Finish off this craft with paint, or a sealant. More details about the craft can be found on bfranklincrafts.

When you’ve made several of the sea shapes, hide them in your house or yard for a fun seek and search game! Sure, it may not be as exhilarating as walking through the warm and shallow waters of Sanibel, but it is a fun way to practice looking for shells on your next trip to the beaches!


3.   Lovely Light House

The photo and craft can be found here

What better way to remind you of Sanibel than recreating the Historical Sanibel Lighthouse with this fun family project. This little light house is the perfect way to re-purpose some of those yard items that are just sitting around. Get the whole family involved in this up-cycling project! Everyone can join in with the painting of the ceramic pots. No matter your age, painting a solid white base coat is fun to do, especially if it is messy! The details come in when adding a little window and door on the house. If you like creative and abstract looks, why not let your little ones add those pieces to the project as well. Once all painted, it is time to stack the painted pots and place a lawn light through the hole on the bottom of the planter. Then done! It is that easy to add an adorable new law decoration to your home which the whole family can help with. Just make sure to create a splatter proof workspace for your little ones to release their creative genius with this fun beach craft!


4.    Water Themed Wall Art Beach Craft

Photo and craft from FunFamilyCrafts.com.


What better way to make themed wall art than with sand? All ages can enjoy this fun beach craft and make it custom to everyone’s favorite sea creature or beach shape to prepare for your next stay on Sanibel. Another way to customize this project is with the background. Use patterned paper, solid colored paper, canvas, burlap, wood, and the list goes on. All you really need is some sort of surface, glue, and sand (or at least fine gravel that looks like sand).  If you need a guide to glue on, stencils are a good option. You can make your own stencil buy printing off your favorite beach shape, cutting it out, and tracing the shape. In the end, simply make sure you have a fish-tastic time with family!


5. Make a Future Vacation Photo Prop Beach Craft

Beach sign ideas from Completely Coastal.


Just because you may not be able to travel now does not mean you cannot plan your next family vacation. And while you’re at it, why not turn your planning into an adorable family craft. These DIY beach themed signs are great to hang in your home, but they also make perfect photo props. Imagine standing on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Sanibel with your family. Now capture that moment with a photo of your family holding a handmade sign that states “Sanibel Islands Family Vacation.” Now that is an impressive family photo! Add the vacation’s date and you could even use that photo for the family Christmas card!


If you are considering a trip to the gorgeous beaches of Sanibel Islands, make sure to contact us at Select Vacation Properties. You also cannot miss reading about the Ten Activities to do while at Sanibel Islands. What better time to plan the perfect family vacation? Whether you’re bringing the beach to you with these fun beach crafts or looking ahead to your next tropical escape, we are here to help!  If you enjoyed reading about these crafts, and would like to see more, please check out Select Vacation Properties on Pinterest! Special thanks to Mariah Swigart for her great writing, research and contributions.  If you would like to see more of her great work, or hire her for your next project, visit her shop on Fiverr!

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