Island Beach Club


2265 West Gulf Drive, Sanibel, 33957

Island Location:

Mid island

Number of Units: 


Year Built:


Unit Types:

2 Bed / 2 Bath, 1350 – 1440 sqft

Available Views:

Beachfront & Beachview


Located directly on Gulf of Mexico


Heated pool, Clubhouse, Shuffleboard, Elevator


With Approval

Minimum Stay:

7 nights

Island Beach Club is a mid-sized complex containing 75 units in the community.

Situated in the mid-island area of Sanibel, Island Beach Club is located directly on the beach and enjoys views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Built in 1976, the complex offers floor plans up to 1440 square feet in size.

Association Rules:

The Owners and permanent residents of The Island Beach Club wish to welcome you to our Place in
the Sun. In order to provide for a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere of coexistence, the following rules
have been adopted and your complete cooperation and compliance is required.
A. General:
1. All guests and renters are asked to register at the recreation building as quickly after arrival as
possible. Forms are available on the door of the Recreation Building at the Pool. This Is helpful in
case of an emergency.
2. A resident must accompany visitors using the common areas. Visitors of a resident are restricted to
no more than six (6), two (2) of which must be adults.
3. No glass containers are to be carried outside of units. This is especially applicable to drinking
4. No ROLLERBLADES, MOPEDS, SKATEBOARDS, Running, Ball Games, Frisbee, ETC. are allowed in the
Inner Court, Stairways 0r walkways. The bike path and beach are available.
5. Pets are not allowed in the Inner Courtyard, P00l, Pool Deck
or Shower area. Pets are to be walked off the premises and cleaned up after an accident. Sanibel has a “leash” law that also applies to the beach.
6. All walkways are to be free of any and all personal items. Nothing is to hung, thrown or shaken from the walkway railings. Nothing is to be left on the walkways of grounds overnight.
7, Children are not to play in the elevators, walkways, stairs or inner courtyard, Additionally, an adult shall regulate all activities and behavior of children, including direct supervision. Unattended children are not permitted outside of their-unit.
8, All trash must be placed In plastic bags, tied and placed in the trash chutes, which are located in each elevator tower. No trash is to be placed on the walkways or grounds.
9, Trailers, trucks, boats, motorhomes, etc. are not allowed to be parked on the premises. A single car, and only a car, may be parked in the assigned pace under the unit. No Double Parking I (Fire Marshall’s rule.) Do not back into parking spaces in the inner courtyard.
10. Bar-B-Q’s are not to be used in units, garages, balconies, or on the pad under the balconies. They may only be used on the stone pads on each side of the property. There are also two gas grills by the shuffle board courts.
11. No Owner, Renter, or Guest may make, or permit to be made, any disturbing noises, whether by himself or by family, friends, guests, or pets, nor do, or permit anything to be done, that will interfere with the rights, comfort and convenience of others. No one shall play musical instrument, phonograph, radio, CD player, television, nor allow to be made any noise, and this includes pets, in or out of a unit, at any time, if the same shall disturb or annoy others. No one may yell or shout from his unit, balcony or the walkways or from the ground up.

Please be quiet. This is a residential community. Thank you for your cooperation

B. Pool Area:
1. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool area  (Florida Law) No glass containers on pool deck. (No glass allowed outside of units).
2. An adult must accompany children under the age of fourteen (14). The pool ls closed at dusk (Florida Law). No night use of the pool or pool deck.
3. Air inflated swim aids (water wings & swim rings) are allowed. No other air-Inflated devices are permitted in or about the pool. No rafts, balls, foot flippers, etc. are allowed. No running, diving, ball throwing, fighting or attempts to throw another are permitted
4. No Cut-offs are allowed in the pool.
5. No radios or other electronics sound producing devices that can be heard by others permitted.
6. Shower to remove sand and suntan oils before entering the pool.
7. Pool furniture may not be removed from poolside nor can pool furniture be reserved. This includes covering with a towel, clothing, etc ….
8. Diaper age children must wear a waterproof diaper while in the pool. Bare is not acceptable. An accident will close the pool for three days or more.
9. No pets, bicycles, or the like in the pool or pool area.
10. The swimming pool is restricted “Adults Only” between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM each day.
Reminder: Sanibel prohibits the removal of live shells from the beach or gulf. ($500 Fine)

Island Beach Club

Floor plan

Site plan

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