Sanibel beaches

Searching for Sanibel beaches? Select Vacation Properties is a property management company that started over a decade ago on wonderful Sanibel Island in Florida. Being local to the island for as long as Select has been means they know and love the area well. The Select Vacation Properties team enjoys nothing more than sharing their knowledge of the island to help visitors get the most of their trip to the #2 voted best beach in America: Sanibel Island!

Sanibel Island beaches are world famous for the soft, white sand and abundance of rare and beautiful seashells. Sanibel beaches are consistently voted the among the top beaches in the United States year after year. Settlers as far back as 2,500 years ago were the first to recognize the beauty and comfort of Sanibel, and since then humans have continually inhabited the area. About half of the island is dedicated to the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in order to allow the native wildlife and flora to flourish naturally and abundantly. The refuge is untouched so visitors can observe and enjoy the beaches and forests as they were hundreds and thousands of years ago!

Select Vacation Properties is set apart from other property management companies in that they only manage a few, carefully selected properties. The result is that they currently run just around 90 rental properties. They’ve intentionally kept the business small and intimate to fully accommodate and get to know every guest. Although Select Vacation Properties is extremely discerning in choosing their vacation rentals, they manage to include an expansive variety of types and sizes of rentals. Whether you need a sprawling house for your family reunion, a bay property with a boat dock for your fishing tip, or a cozy beach cottage for two, Select Vacation Properties has the perfect Sanibel Island vacation rental for you.