Sanibel Island things to do

Searching for Sanibel Island things to do? Select Vacation Properties is a trusted property rental company located on beautiful Sanibel Island in Florida, where they started and have been for over 10 years. Being located directly on the island for as long as they have means they know and love the area well. What they love more though is sharing their knowledge with visitors to Sanibel, and letting them know the absolute must-see spots and must-do activities on the recently voted #2 beach destination in America!

Sanibel Island is a world-famous shelling spot. It’s unique shape and location allows it to collect rare and beautiful shells brought up from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico by ocean currents. Bowman’s Beach and Blind Pass Beach are particularly known for an abundance of shells. Half of the entire island makes up the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge which is the largest undeveloped mangrove sanctuary in the entire United States. Locals and tourists alike can observe and enjoy the virtually untouched natural habits as they were thousands of years ago! To view wildlife indoors, visitors can check out the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). The passionate and knowledgeable staff have daily showings of wild animals currently housed there, and the processes needed to make them well again! They’ve cared for everything from a family of racoons, to pelicans, to sea turtles and even owls! Tourists can end their fun-filled or relaxing days at one of the many excellent restaurants or bars which offer gourmet options or downhome classics, and unbelievably fresh seafood.

Although the beaches of Sanibel are soft and warm enough to sleep on, tourists’ best option for housing on Sanibel is Select Vacation Properties! They’re set apart from other vacation rental companies in that they only manage a few, carefully selected properties. They’ve intentionally kept the business small and intimate to fully accommodate and get to know every guest. Select is completely dedicated to helping every visitor find the perfect Sanibel rental for them.