Shell islands, Florida

Searching for shell islands? Select Vacation Properties is a vacation rental company that started over 10 years ago on beautiful Sanibel Island in Florida. Being housed directly on the island for as long as they have means they know and love the shell-scattered beaches well. The Select Vacation Properties team enjoys nothing more than sharing their knowledge of the island to help visitors get the most of their trip to the recently voted #2 beach in all of America, Sanibel Island!

Sanibel Island is a world famous shelling spot, you don’t have to dig very deep into any part of the beach to find fully intact conchs, scallops and clam shells! This is because the island’s curved shape acts almost like a shovel that scoops up thousands of shells brought in by ocean currents from the Gulf of Mexico. New shell deposits happen after large-scale natural events like winter storms, hurricanes and sometimes harmful algal blooms caused by changing climate and lack of nutrients. An entire half of the island hosts the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge which is the largest undeveloped mangrove sanctuary in the entire United States. Visitors can also enjoy anything from excellent fresh seafood from local restaurants, outdoor adventures, shopping, watersports or just lazy days on the soft white beaches.

Select Vacation Properties is set apart from other vacation rental companies in that they only manage a few, carefully selected properties. Which means they currently manage just around 90 houses! They’ve intentionally kept the business small and intimate in order to fully accommodate and get to know every guest. Select Vacation Properties puts customer service and helping guests find their perfect rental house above all else. If needed, customer service is available 24 hours a day to ensure that guests of Select Vacation Properties want for nothing.